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What are the objectives of teamfreedom?

The aims of teamfreedom: Is to preserve and further develop the basis of free human development in Europe.

The basis of human development

The basis is a fully developed humanistic world view consisting of 6 steps.

The methods of teamfreedom:

a) Spreading consciousness about this basis of our freedoms

Create awareness:

  • Promote knowledge and awareness about the basis of our freedom - the European Values.

  • Point out negative developments and the consequences for our freedom.

  • Show personal responsibility: If we do not act for our freedom and rights now, we will lose them. “Freedom is not for free.“

Change attitudes

  • Sleeping within a democracy means waking up under a dictatorship! Our passiveness towards social concerns leads to the loss of our freedom.

  • Together as a team we can do something.

Creating a European network by interlinking like-minded of the entire continend, in order to preserve the wide range of freedoms in Europe.

Raising public awareness concerning dangerous developments for our freedoms through: Presentations, petitions, books, campaigns, letters, blogs, web-pages, lectures, films.

b) Defending it against any form suppression of political, religious or economic institutions

Teamfreedom is actively preserving our freedoms in Europe.

Some examples of our activities:

  • Presentations, petitions, campaigns, web-pages, lectures, films

  • Gemeinsame Aktionen mit anderen humanistischen Vereinen und den Liberalen Muslimen Österreich.

Werden Sie ein Teil dieser Veränderung   Erfahren Sie mehr (Link zu Aktiv werden)

Religious institutions and human rights – a contradiction?

Devout muslims try to undermine the rights of women or the freedom of opinion by the misuse of religious freedom. Characteristically, Vatican is the only European country that has not signed the universal declaration of human rights. Link to Presentation „Religion“

Global economy is hugely profitable for some. But, who pays the bill?

After the real estate crisis and the crises of the financial and banking sector: The business elite is able to risk even more now, as they realised that the state, meaning the citizens are clearing their debts. Link to Presentation „Economy versus Freedom“

Is it possible for the EU to be democratic on a high level?

Besides many advantages the EU has caused considerable democratic deficits due to restrictions of civil rights. It seems that participation of the citizens isn't welcome any more in the EU. Conclusion: “My voice has become increasingly meaningless within this play of the elites. Link to Presentation „Democratic deficit in the EU“

European values
a humanistic world view consists of 6 steps.