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Who is "teamfreedom"?

"Teamfreedom" is a voluntary humanitarian organization which works independently and impartially for the preservation of freedoms in Europe.

Who's behind teamfreedom?

Teamfreedom is a association of people with a humanistic ideal which want to exercise criticism and take part in improving the world. For all people.

The board

We are organized as non-profit organization, the board is composed as follows:


Ing. Anton Pototschnik
plastics engineer

Secretary to the board

Mag. Klaus Piber


Andreas Köllensperger
Self employed

Intended purpose according to the association’s articles

The association does not aim for profit and intends to commit itself independently and impartially to the preservation of the freedoms in Europe.

Objective a): Knowledge

This association intends to provide knowledge on how the basis of our current freedom historically emerged through 6 development stages.

These 6 basic European values are:

  • Humanistic thinking
    „The human being is in the center of thoughts and actions“
  • Rationality
    „Rationality becomes the basis for decisions!“
  • Secularity
    „Separation of religious and political power!“
  • Rule of law „Just basic laws and constitutions for everyone!“
  • Democracy
    „The people rule!“
  • Human rights
    „Basic rights innate to every human being!“

At the same time it intends to illustrate the current dangers which can lead to the loss of these European values.

Objective b): Mental attitude

The association aims to strengthen the conviction among the population that:

  • “Those who are sleeping in a democracy, will wake up under dictatorship!” (Lack of interest in political issues leads to the loss of democratic freedoms)
  • "The struggle for freedom never ends!"
    (There are always political, economic, and religious leaders who are seeking to gain power, money and influence at the expense of our freedoms.)
  • "If we do not stand up for our freedoms and civil rights, no one else will do it for us! (The personal responsibility of citizens is necessary for the preservation of European values)

Objective c): Behavior

This association would like to achieve that citizen campaign actively for the preservation of our free and democratic society.

d): Summary

History shows that just a few humanistic freedom fighters fought hard to win our current freedoms and rights. Teamfreedom sees itself as a continuation of these efforts.

Teamfreedom stands for:

  • Humans as benchmark of all things,
  • Judgement on the basis of rationality,
  • Separation of politics and religion,
  • Constitutional principles,
  • Democratic principles,
  • Universal human rights.

Our actions are:

  • humanistic,
  • rational,
  • secular,
  • respectful of rule of law,
  • democratic &
  • protecting human rights..

We stand against severe curtailing or suppression of the aforementioned basic European values by any religious, political, economic groups or other pressure groups.

Our ideal is a secular European society as basis of an ongoing development of freedom, self-determination and happiness of the individual human beings themselves. This particular society built on the basis of the aforementioned European values is the fundament for all people to live together peacefully now and also in the future, regardless of their religion, race, colour, sex or wealth.


  • observes with a critical mind all threats to freedom in Europe
  • understands that we need to stand up our freedoms and rights, in order to preserve them for our children!
    „Freedom ist not for free!“